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Ten Tips on Earthquake Safety

» Once you feel earthquake shaking, find a safe place and perform “Duck Cover and Hold”.
» If you are in a place such as department store, or an exhibition hall, follow the instructions of the security guard or warden.
» If you are at ground floor and near to exit, follow the safest and shortest route for evacuation. Be careful if the exit leads into a narrow lane which could be dangerous.
» If you are outside, protect your head;avoid hazards like falling buildings, trees, electricity poles, bridges etc.
» If you are in an automobile, move to the left curb and park, do not enter prohibited areas;avoid tall buildings, poles, tall trees and bridges.
» Be careful of landslides, rock falls and impending hazards.
» Do not panic or perform unsafe act such as rushing, jumping out of window.
» Before evacuating, if possible turn off flames or heat sources that can cause fire.
» As shaking stops, grab your Go Bag and then evacuate.
» Ignore rumors, move only after receiving accurate information.

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